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So, why are you here? Are you looking to improve the quality of your water, get rid of the bad smell, you know the one - rotten eggs - always fun when taking a shower. Maybe you need to reduce the acidity, or soften your water? Or maybe you are just tired of tasting the chlorine that our cities and municipalities so kindly add.

Whether you are a home owner or a business owner, Life Time Solutions can help you solve these water challenges and more, plus get you quickly and easily on the road to better and healthier water.

There are many benefits to using a complete home water filter system.

  • Extend the Life of your Appliances
  • Beautiful Soft and Silky Hair
  • Cleaner Dishes - Spotless Glasses
  • Brighter, Cleaner Clothes
  • Humidifiers don't clog
  • Better Tasting Water
  • Easier Cleaning - Less Soap Scum
  • Use Less Soap - Save Money
  • Water heater uses 21 - 29% less energy

What to do next?

Take a look around our website, investigate, and discover why Ionics offers the best products for your home or business. They are so good they are being used by NASA. Once you're finished be sure to call us and schedule your FREE In-Home Water Analysis, or if you prefer just fill in the request form and we will get back to you ASAP.

Authorized Ionics Dealer

Our company is authorized by Ionics water systems. Our factory trained, certified technicians analyze your water with a portable lab system in your home. Life Time Solutions is the number one choice for consumer households, restaurants, hotels, and commercial businesses.

We serve Virginia, DC, and Maryland

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