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The Water coming from your tap was used many times before.

Municipal Water:

  • Drawn from rivers, lakes, reservoirs and wells. The water is pumped to municipal water plant.
  • Water is filtered through sand and gravel to trap solid mater.
  • Chlorine and other chemicals may be added to kill bacteria and algae.
  • Water travels through pipe system to your home, some of which may be decades old.

There are multiple benefits of having conditioned water in your home.

You will experience:

  • Lower energy costs: According to the Water Quality Research Council at New Mexico State University, water heaters work nearly 30% more efficiently when operated on conditioned water.
  • Fewer repair bills: Without exception, all water-using appliances work more efficiently and require fewer repairs with conditioned water. Even leading appliance manufacturers, such as Maytag, recommend using conditioned water for optimum performance of their products. Plumbing lasts longer, too, without the lime scale buildup caused by hard water.
  • Spend less money for cleaners and detergents: Since soaps and detergents work more efficiently in conditioned water, you'll need less than the recommended amount. And you'll be able to obtain the same optimum results using shorter wash cycles and cooler water.
  • Cleaner, longer lasting, better looking clothing.
  • Fewer lotions and conditioners: Hard water results in drier skin and hair because the minerals combine with the soap to form a sticky residue that's difficult to rinse away. With conditioned water this film doesn't form, so hair and skin are smoother and healthier looking.

Conditioned water will make a real difference where it counts most-- in your monthly household expenses. Consider how conditioned water could start saving you money today.

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