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The Defender water conditioner is the budget-minded solution to supplying high quality water in an energy efficient manner. With the affordable Defender system, your family can enjoy the benefits of conditioned water without any worry of sinking under the cost. Both the conditioner and its high-density impact-resistant brine tank are guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty. Even consumers with the most challenging water supplies depend on Puronics to meet their needs with the highest quality water and most efficient performance available.

Defender Water Conditioner


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The 12 Day Timer Control

Fully automatic. Schedules regenerations at a pre-selected time of night. Selects regeneration time based upon raw water conditions and carefully calculated usage. Ideal for applications with predictable water needs.

6-Cycle Noryl Control Valve

Durable, corrosion resistant construction. Guarantees years of trouble-free operation. Downflow brining system ensures minimum water use during each regeneration cycle.Accurately measures required salt dosage for extremely efficient regeneration process.

High-Capacity S-759 Resin

Superior hardness removal as compared to conventional media. Uses less salt and water for more efficient regeneration cycles. Monospheric resin design and pressure through system. .

By-pass Valve Operation

Allows water flow to by-pass the water conditioning system. Ideal for applications not requiring conditioned water such as watering lawns .

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