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The Ionics FA water conditioner is custom designed to meet the specific needs of your water. The system is available with four different types of filter media, allowing you to select the perfect solution to your water's unique demands. When the filter media needs to be regenerated, the 12-day timer control valve automatically initiates a new cleaning cycle the system is guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty. Even consumers with the most challenging water supplies depend on Ionics to meet their needs with the highest quality water and most efficient performance available.

The FA Series

Iron Retrieval:

Iron in your water causes ugly red stains which can ruin appliances, clothing and fixtures. Ionics unique iron removal system utilizes potassium permanganate to immediately oxidize and remove iron from the affected well water supply. The system prevents staining, leaves water better tasting and reduces unpleasant odors.

Chlorine Taste and Odor Removal:

Excessive levels of chlorine in well or municipal water supplies cause water to taste and smell unpleasant. An Ionics carbon filtration system effectively reduces chlorine, leaving behind delicious, clean, healthy water.

Acid Neutralizer:

Low pH/acid bearing waters can cause green staining and deteriorate plumbing, fixtures and appliances throughout your household. An Ionics acid neutralization system eliminates the aggressive conditions in acidic water, bringing the pH level back to a safe level.

Sediment Filtration:

Multi-sized filtration media effectively removes dirt, turbidity, cloudiness and other suspended debris from your water. This Ionics system will not only clean your water, it will improve the taste and reduce odor as well.

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